Library Reflections


This project had been called by my librarian friends “Canva for Early Literacy Librarians.” I’m hoping to have it going within the next month or so.

Basically I am hoping that librarians, artists, and parents will be able to upload images (the more diverse the better) of children engaged with reading or storytime – hopefully while being at a library or library’s storytime. Along with those images I want quotes about early literacy. Librarians would be able to download these images for free to make their own signs or posters for their library and community.

I support We Need Diverse Books, but after seeing this illustration at a conference last year (presented by the awesome Angie Manfredi), I kept thinking that as librarians, we should have diversity represented in our libraries NOW while we continue to encourage the publishing industry to publish more diverse titles from diverse authors.

[image attribution is found here]

Children of all backgrounds should be able to see themselves reading and using a library, AND their parents need to see the same. After all, we are more alike than different.

This project totally depends on people from all over the world sharing their photographs and art. 

All that said – if you have Mad WordPress Skills, then I’d love to hear from you in terms of how to make my vision come to life (I did find a great plugin, but couldn’t figure out how to plug it in). Or if you have any wonderful pictures to submit for this – then please feel free to email me at I will need a photo release form accompanying any/all of your image submissions.

Thank you!