After a steep learning curve, I’ve come to enjoy giving presentations. I especially like collaborating with others to both create and present on a wide variety of topics.

If you’re interested in working with me, then email me at – I’ll be excited to hear from you!

I’ve also given two keynote presentations where I get to share what goes on in my head – and many people laugh at it (in a good way). I’m totally up for any future keynotes!

ACTing Up!
How to Create and Maintain a Dynamic Library for Both Staff and Patrons
Keynote at the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium
Summer of 2018

Three of my favorite slides that I created for this presentation:
3 slide favorites from my keynote speech in Duluth, MN at #LSLS18 featuring Jean Luc Picard, Yoda & Seagulls, and a toddler freaking out about awesome monthly library themes |

Welcome, Friends!
Keynote at New York Library Associations’ Youth Services Section Spring Meeting
Spring of 2018

Three of my favorite slides that I created for this presentation:
Three favorite slides from my Welcome, Friends! keynote speech in New York featuring Librarian Smeagol/Gollum, Iron Fist Fred Rogers, and that library scene from the IT remake |

Shiny Showcases: Entice and Engage Potential Readers
Presentation at Utah Valley University’s Forum on Engaged Reading
Fall of 2017

One of my favorite slides that I created for this presentation (the rest were mainly images from Hafuboti):
A slide from my Shiny Showcases presentation at UVU's Forum on Engaged Reading in October 2017 |

Motion to Sparkle Approved: Bringing Out the Advocate in Everyone
This program was co-created and presented with Brytani Fraser
Fall of 2016

Three of my favorite slides that I created for this presentation:
Three personal favorite slides from our Motion to Sparkle presentation in Nevada |

This is the presentation that I worked on/through in my So You Think You Can Present? post. No matter what presentation I give, the core mission statement that I learned from Commander’s Palace is at its heart.
Welcome! A presentation sharing New Orleans' famous Commander's Palace's mission statement and how to apply it to your library. |

Crafty Fundraising: Upcycling Books for Your Library
Various Groups
Various Dates

I happily teach how to make either of the two Hafuboti ornaments to groups of any size. These ornaments, made from discarded books, can be a very profitable fundraiser for those who are craftily-inclined.

The two different styles of upcycled or recycled ornaments made from discarded library books |