Parody Songpalooza!

Every year when Free Comic Book Day rolls around, I try and come up with fun new things for our patrons to enjoy. This year, our library team’s awesome Ashlynn asked if she could help with the activities and I was all like HECK YEAH BECAUSE I HAVE AN IDEA THAT’LL TAKE TIME TO DO!!! And because of her awesome assistance, I was able to do it. Yay!

So I present to you:

Comic Book Parody Singalong Songs free for you to download and use at your next geeky nerd-filled library program |

That’s right – I took famous songs and wrote parody lyrics to help celebrate the comics nerd in all of us.

The most time-consuming aspect was that I decided to print out the lyrics on ledger paper, cut them out, and then hand-glue the lyrics and ukulele chords to a giant pad of paper. A projector would probably have worked just as well, but it wouldn’t have worked for us during this particular event.

Here’s what it looked like in progress. I should note that I did not write this particular parody – it was written by the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl‘s Ryan North and Erica Henderson:

Comics Parody Singalong Songs | Using a printer, scissors, glue, and paper to share the lyrics with a large crowd |

This took me many many hours – more than I had estimated. So when FCBD arrived, I had not practiced my ukulele enough to sound passable. Thankfully, I had the incomparably talented Badland Girls to back me up and make me sound so much better. Yay!

Rebecca, Rhea, and Destiny - commemorating a successful Free Comic Book Day together at the Gretna Public Library |

Aren’t we adorkable?!

We’re also showing off our favorite song: a parody of CCR’s Down on the Corner that’s all about Guardians of the Galaxy. For fun, I tried my hand at vidding for the first time. I hope that you enjoy the results!

Did that make you wanna singalong? Did it make you want to add a singalong element to your next geeky library program?

Then do I have a treat for you!

Go up to this post’s top image and click on it. You’ll be able to download a pdf of ALL of the songs that I parodied, including their ukulele chords!!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!

Here’s the song list:

  • Batman Smells (Jingle Bells)
  • Sub-Mariner’s Kingdom (Octopus’s Garden)
  • Odinsleeping (Are You Sleeping)
  • Black Panther Rules and Fights (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Theme (Spider-Man Theme)
  • King of the Sea (Yellow Submarine)
  • On the Milano (Down on the Corner)

I’ll likely add more songs every time FCBD rolls around again, and I’ll be sure to share those with you. If there’s a song or a comic book that you’d like me to tackle, then please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Comment about it here or send me an email at I can’t guarantee that I’ll turn your idea into reality, but know that I’ll try.

Shop Grand Reopening

I’m pleased to finally announce that I’m opening up my shop again! And for the first time it’s my artwork and not just ornaments! Going this route is a great way to keep a shop going while still trying to figure out how to manage my fibromyalgia while having a side business.

I have completely reworked my superhero mashups into higher resolutions so that they can be made into a wide variety of clothing, decor, and accessories.

I also created two new mashups in honor of the occasion:

It’s Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman) and Squirrel Girl!

As of now these two are only available at Redbubble, but they will eventually be added to Society6. Each online store has a slightly different inventory, so it’s worth checking both out if you’re looking for a certain thing (such as dresses or clocks).

Oh – and I definitely should mention that I still want anyone who wants to download, use, and/or modify my images to do so! Seriously, you don’t need to ask (unless the print shop wants a waiver or a letter stating that I’m cool with you using my art – just shoot me a request at

So hop on over to my Shop section, and click on either ad to go to my profile on either site. And today (7/25/16) Redbubble’s having a 20% off sale! But know that both sites do have sales on a pretty regular basis – woohoo!

And finally an update on the original Hafuboti shop’s recycled book ornaments: I still have a nice selection of them! But getting them transferred from Etsy has been more of a chore than I’ve felt like dealing with over this past year or so. Therefore, I don’t have them listed anywhere online, but I do hope to eventually change that.

In the meantime, if you are an ornament fan, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about any ornaments you may remember. is still the best way to contact me and I’m always thrilled to get mail from any of my readers. Seriously – it always brightens my day.

Happy shopping!

Guardians of the Literacy

Anybody else really excited about Guardians of the Galaxy coming out this week?

In honor of the occasion, Bruce and I collaborated on another library logo mashup! I’ll be the first to admit that I leaned heavier on the comics material as my source, but with a little movie mixed in as well. Bruce was my “could you look at this?” consultant and we talked through many-an-issue (usually color-related). I must give Bruce full credit for doing the entire logo (he saw me struggling and had mercy). He’s awesome like that.

Like the superhero and Sherlock logos before these – feel free to use these. Many people have written seeking permission to use those for avatars, library brochures, stickers, etc. Please know that I’m totally cool with all of that. I actually get a HUGE kick/ego boost when I see a stranger use one of my logos. And I LOVE getting random emails from people showing me what they did with them (hint hint).

Have fun!

As an added bonus to anyone who scrolled all the way down here – I’ll share what Bruce spent part of his day working on since it’s Guardians-related as well. And also adorable:



FCBD 2014

It’s taken me about three months to finally write a post on our library’s first Free Comic Book Day (mainly because of it being right before our big Summer Reading Program push). It was a smaller turnout than I had hoped for, but big enough that we’re definitely going to do it next year with some modifications. I can really envision this growing, and I’m optimistic that it will. And someday I hope to even work with other libraries in my county to create a much bigger comics convention.

What went well:

Our guest artists! The wonderful Tracie Mauk and Rick Hiltbrunner joined us and drew free sketches from open until close. They both commented on how nice it was to do a library vs. a comic shop mainly because it’s much quieter.

Here’s just a few examples of their work (all in progress):

Bruce has promised that next year he’ll join in on the fun, so I’m even more excited to have such an amazing group of artists share their talents with my community.

These photo props were one of the biggest hits (pun intended). Naturally I had to try out the first sign that I created to ensure quality:

These two brothers and their dad (holding the sign) had the best time with them – I think that they must have taken at least two dozen pictures:

Click on any of the images below to get your own Bam! Pow! or Zonk! signs. They print a little pixelated on a ledger-sized piece of paper – but that won’t show up in the photos (unless someone does an extreme closeup).

What I plan on adjusting next year:

The number of comics will definitely be increased. The comic shop that I worked with was super-supportive and gave us all of those comics (the stacks are about 3-5 issues deep).  I had tried to piggyback onto their massive order (i.e. pay for them), but had missed their order by TWO DAYS. Next year I will be sure to order a heck of a lot more. If there’s any leftover, then they will make the perfect material for crafts and/or giveaways for the upcoming CSLP theme.

With our limited resources this time around, we asked that people select only two. At fifteen ’til close, we “opened up” the table for anyone to take all the comics that s/he would like. This worked well, but I’d really like to give people the option to take one of each if they so choose.

Activities and how we handle the free character sketches. These sort of tie into each other.  I was very unsure of how many people would attend, therefore I tried to think of worst case scenarios and planned for huge crowds. I also suspected that children would make up the largest portion of attendees. My suspicion was pretty spot-on.

We arranged a row of tables to help guide families into a line (if needed) towards Rick and Tracie. This was to keep the lines organized as well as give people waiting something to do. There was an “in line scavenger hunt” where comic characters would be visible as you moved down the line (the prize was a sticker). We also put out the photo props, lots of coloring sheets, library superhero bookmarks, and some graphic novels from our collection.

Here’s one set of the bookmarks for you to download/use. I took off the second page (i.e. the back of the bookmark) since I had put our library’s name on it in a comic style font. Click on the image for a pdf:

One big regret I have is that I put the photo props near crayons because the Zonk! sign ended up being scribbled on, and wasn’t salvageable for future use. ::trombone wah wah:: But you can find the other two signs at my desk, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Even with our biggest rush in the first hour, almost no one stayed in line – it became very free-form and surprisingly everyone was patient and respected each other’s turn in the non-existent line.

I’m thinking that next year I’ll do away with this line system completely, and have a set number of sketches each artist will do. Then patrons can “take a number” for their sketch, and do the many other activities we’ll have around the library. Basically expand the events, put them in various locations, and not make attendees feel like they need to hover by the artists (unless they want to). Then, as the artists are ready for the next person, we can call out the number and the person can go over and make their request. The only thing would be that once a number is taken, that person MUST stay on library property or they forfeit their turn. Eh, I’m still thinking this aspect through.

Finally, I hope to have super hero movies or cartoons playing in our meeting room throughout the event, and try to encourage more cosplay. Maybe see if I can track down some serious cosplayers who’d like to have fun at the library.

Overall, I’m really delighted with how this inaugural event went, and I’m really excited to give it another go. Feel free to email me or post a comment if you have any questions about any of this!

Wow Mom!

So, the other morning I mentioned to one of my mentors in the library world that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to have Free Comic Book Day at our library for the first time this year. Her response (bless her) was “Don’t you just give out some free comics? How easy is that?!”

What happened in my mind (and shown in gif form in honor of Bryce Don’t Play):

But, yeah. That’s me this week.


While I’ve been scurrying around this week going OMG IT’S ALMOST MAY, I had the sudden realization that I had no display planned for the area above our reading bench.

This is a reenactment of the moment I realized this:

Me: Brittany!

Brittany: Yes?

Me: I have no idea what we should put on display over here for May!

Brittany: . . . [approx. 0.2 second pause]

Me: Wait. Mother’s Day. Is Mother’s Day in May? Did we miss Mother’s Day?

Brittany: Mother’s Day is coming up. May 11th.

Me: YAY!!! [exit stage right and quickly types and prints a sign]

So, I put together one of the fastest displays I have ever made. It’s not to the large scale that I like for this area, but dang was it FAST. And that was the goal.

Of all things, this was inspired by a P90X workout. Yes, I do those. Yes, I am insane. But I digress. At one point the trainer Tony Horton says “WOW! Everybody say ‘WOW!'” And his workout buddies do. He then queries “And what is ‘WOW’ upside-down?” His workout buddies all chorus “MOM!” It’s a bizarre moment that apparently has stuck with me.

I think that I’ve blathered on enough about the why and how of this display. Here she is in her minimal glory:

A very minimal and fast Mother's Day display | A very minimal and very fast Mother's Day display |

This display will come down in about 12 days and need to be something else – so I’m trying to not critique it. Also, it’s already been successful – I had only put five books up and a little girl came up and grabbed one to check out – huzzah!

If, for any reason you find yourself in need of a quick Mother’s Day sign, then click on the image below, download the pdf, and print away!

A free printable sign for Mother's Day - it gets the job done |

M’kay. I think that’s about it. Time to resume prepping for everything leading into SRP – first up: Free Comic Book Day!