Shop Grand Reopening

I’m pleased to finally announce that I’m opening up my shop again! And for the first time it’s my artwork and not just ornaments! Going this route is a great way to keep a shop going while still trying to figure out how to manage my fibromyalgia while having a side business.

I have completely reworked my superhero mashups into higher resolutions so that they can be made into a wide variety of clothing, decor, and accessories.

I also created two new mashups in honor of the occasion:

It’s Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman) and Squirrel Girl!

As of now these two are only available at Redbubble, but they will eventually be added to Society6. Each online store has a slightly different inventory, so it’s worth checking both out if you’re looking for a certain thing (such as dresses or clocks).

Oh – and I definitely should mention that I still want anyone who wants to download, use, and/or modify my images to do so! Seriously, you don’t need to ask (unless the print shop wants a waiver or a letter stating that I’m cool with you using my art – just shoot me a request at

So hop on over to my Shop section, and click on either ad to go to my profile on either site. And today (7/25/16) Redbubble’s having a 20% off sale! But know that both sites do have sales on a pretty regular basis – woohoo!

And finally an update on the original Hafuboti shop’s recycled book ornaments: I still have a nice selection of them! But getting them transferred from Etsy has been more of a chore than I’ve felt like dealing with over this past year or so. Therefore, I don’t have them listed anywhere online, but I do hope to eventually change that.

In the meantime, if you are an ornament fan, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about any ornaments you may remember. is still the best way to contact me and I’m always thrilled to get mail from any of my readers. Seriously – it always brightens my day.

Happy shopping!

Library Strength Training

The lovely Director of the Three Rivers Library System asked if I would design a graphic for their upcoming Library Strength Training event – and of course I said YES!

And here’s what I came up with:

black and white photo of a strong woman lifting a traditional wooden card catalog above her head while in a squat

I basically merged two images that were marked free for reuse and modification. So feel free to use or modify this as well! :)

ETA: It just occurred to me that this image would work with the upcoming CSLP games/exercise theme as well as the Libraries Transform campaign.

The Social Media Librarian

I’ve been working on a flyer for an upcoming event, and as a result, I created this neat-o image for libraries/librarians who are into social media:

social library logo

As always, feel free to download, use, modify, and have fun with this image!

Under Construction

At the Children’s Library we’re about to undertake some massive shelving changes. Basically, we’re merging several sections. I’m incredibly grateful to work for a Director and a team who aren’t afraid to ask “Why do we do this? Is this the best way to do things?”

Anywho, I threw together several big signs to help patrons navigate the changes, and within that sign I created a book version of the Under Construction caution symbol. I thought that others might enjoy it and/or want to use it.

Click on the image below to get a larger and cleaner version for your own use:

Holy Mashups, Batman!

The other week I received a lovely surprise email from the remarkable Lindsey Tomsu. She was busy working on firming up details for next year’s Summer Reading Program, and wanted to see if I’d tackle “Surf’s Up” Batman, and maybe Robin as well. Her teens really love Batman ’66, and she thought that it would be a blast to add those images to some of their marketing materials.

Heck yes: this was such a fun idea. In fact, once I started, I couldn’t stop. So, enjoy the fruits of my obsession.

As always, feel free to use any or all of these images for your own or your library’s use! I have to say that I get the biggest thrill when I see any of my work used in any way. People who use any of them as their avatars usually get an insta-follow (not in a stalkery way) from me.

And also as always, feel free to reach out with a request. It’s a blast to get them, and I’m pretty upfront whether or not I can make it happen.