Shop Grand Reopening

I’m pleased to finally announce that I’m opening up my shop again! And for the first time it’s my artwork and not just ornaments! Going this route is a great way to keep a shop going while still trying to figure out how to manage my fibromyalgia while having a side business.

I have completely reworked my superhero mashups into higher resolutions so that they can be made into a wide variety of clothing, decor, and accessories.

I also created two new mashups in honor of the occasion:

It’s Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman) and Squirrel Girl!

As of now these two are only available at Redbubble, but they will eventually be added to Society6. Each online store has a slightly different inventory, so it’s worth checking both out if you’re looking for a certain thing (such as dresses or clocks).

Oh – and I definitely should mention that I still want anyone who wants to download, use, and/or modify my images to do so! Seriously, you don’t need to ask (unless the print shop wants a waiver or a letter stating that I’m cool with you using my art – just shoot me a request at

So hop on over to my Shop section, and click on either ad to go to my profile on either site. And today (7/25/16) Redbubble’s having a 20% off sale! But know that both sites do have sales on a pretty regular basis – woohoo!

And finally an update on the original Hafuboti shop’s recycled book ornaments: I still have a nice selection of them! But getting them transferred from Etsy has been more of a chore than I’ve felt like dealing with over this past year or so. Therefore, I don’t have them listed anywhere online, but I do hope to eventually change that.

In the meantime, if you are an ornament fan, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about any ornaments you may remember. is still the best way to contact me and I’m always thrilled to get mail from any of my readers. Seriously – it always brightens my day.

Happy shopping!

Summer Library LEGO Trailer

As of late I have been experimenting with animation. I’m not the greatest at it…yet, but it’s passable.

Here’s a short Summer Library LEGO Club faux movie trailer that I made for our library:
Fun Fact: The music you hear is me on my ukulele – I just pitched it lower during the editing process. It saved me lots of time and stress trying to find a free fair use Jaws-like theme for this project.

With very little effort I edited this video for any library to use to promote their LEGO Clubs during the summer:
Feel free to download, modify, customize, or whateverize this for yourself or your library.

Have fun!


Joyful January

The idea for Joyful January happened back in November, when I flipped out over the tissue paper window treatment that Natasia did. I had a vision of seeing whispy images through the tissue paper, and then I realized that we could sandwich a photo between tissue paper and it would look like the memory spheres from INside Out.

So, I asked our staff, members of both our Friends group and Library Board, and our patrons to submit pictures to me for a special secret window display. All I’d say was that I wanted a picture of them and/or members of their family.

I used a mixture of water and white glue to adhere the tissue paper and printed photos (using regular paper with the image mirrored on the back of the paper). It was a bit messy, and I learned to be extra careful with the tissue paper since it rips crazy-easy once it’s wet. Also, once the mixture dried, I would use a razor blade to scrape up the mess around the circles (you can see the residue around the circles on the left side of the above collage, and what it looks like after the cleanup on the right side).

I think that next time I’ll try Mod Podge since there were some odd blotches on the tissue paper (mainly on the figures) that I think were due to the white glue.

I also added a simplified version of Joy and Sadness on opposite ends of our front windows. Since I correctly guessed that the pictures submitted would be happy pictures, I had one of my childhood pictures where I was obviously crying at the ready.

I also bought giant balloons from ebay that matched the feelings’ colors from the movie. It was a bit of a splurge, but I had such a strong internal drive to make this happen that I made a deal with my Director that if the balloons didn’t remain inflated for the entire month, then I’d pay for them. However, if they remained full, then the library would reimburse me.
Spoiler alert: I’m totally getting reimbursed!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those balloons. These balloons were worth every penny. And if you get large balloons like this, then please get a simple electric air pump to blow them up. I had one for an inflatable bed at home, so I brought it in and it was so fun to use to blow up these balloons.

I also have to give a HUGE shout-out to our Young Adult Librarian Dustan for doing all the hard work of moving around the large ladder and hanging every one of those balloons for me. And he wore disposable gloves the whole time because he’s allergic to latex!!! 

Oh, and I’m planning on giving away the balloons once we take them down. One per family. Probably through social media. UPDATE: What we actually ended up doing was announcing on Facebook that we were giving away one giant balloon per family that day. As far as I know, no one came in because of the post, but we gave away every balloon before noon. AND IT WAS BEYOND AMAZING TO SEE THE KIDS FACES AS WE HANDED THEM A BALLOON AS BIG AS THEY WERE! I think we totally rocked some kids’ lives that day. Also, we had several people come inside to ask what was up with the enormous balloons that kids were carrying as they left. YAY! Get yourself some giant balloons, enjoy them for a month, and then give them away – it is INCREDIBLE!!! END OF UPDATE

Eventually, I did have to share the idea with my team, and they all jumped on board with ideas to help round out this emotional theme:

Here’s our super-crazy-popular reading bench display that Jennifer, Natasia, and Shelby worked on together. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to add books to the faceouts since almost every single book (both fiction and non-fiction) and movie has checked out.

Shelby was in charge of the scavenger hunt, and she made a fun one where kids had to find different colored faces and identify what the faces were feeling (we changed the face colors every week). It’s been great hearing parents discuss what the faces are feeling – even asking why that particular face may be happy/sad/surprised. The prize for finding and identifying all of the feelings is a special silly-face stamp for their hand.

And there you have it: a theme that made me incredibly happy! And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about this if you feel confused, sad, angry, silly, etc.

Minecraft IRL

Eep! I’ve had to let the blogging slide a bit since things in my life and at work have been…interesting. Yes. We’ll say interesting. But we’ve had some great themes that I’ve been dying to share with y’all, so let’s get back to it. I mean, I’m dying to share what we’re doing this month since our front windows have had a fabulous response from the public (and we may have discovered my favorite medium to use on the windows). But I digress, and need to digress a bit more time-wise.

Back in September we had a big crossover celebration of Minecraft at both library locations, with the teens playing a big part. The focus on this particular game was because we were launching our own server that kids/teens could register for and interact with other library patrons:

The above video was created by our new Young Adult Librarian Dustan. The server was his brainchild, and his enthusiasm for the project was infectious. Actually, his enthusiasm for everything in the library is infectious – he’s been a joyous addition to our team.

All of us were exhausted after a very dramatic and tense summer, and so Dustan offered to have the members of our TAB decorate the Children’s Library for us. They took over the Children’s Library for a few hours during a day that that location was closed. Minecraft mashup songs were played, snacks were snacked upon, and lots and lots of construction paper squares were taped onto windows.

It wasn’t until I was writing this that I realized that I never did get a picture of the completed front windows. It’s one of those things that apparently fell through the cracks, and I’m a bit bummed. But I think y’all get the gist of what it looked like.

I’m not that much into Minecraft, but I understand its appeal. But OH MY LORD the number of kids who were wildly excited about the characters in the windows. I think some parents of younger kids were shocked that they knew who and what all of the characters were.

The teens also helped me with my experimental origami clouds. Basically, large pieces of white craft paper that we folded into half of a box. Later, we hung them from the ceiling to try and make them look like pixelated clouds. On a scale from bad to success – they fell somewhere in the middle – more of an eh. 

Our newest team member Natasia (who holds a degree in art) was given the daunting task of creating a 3D Minecraft flying chicken. Considering none of us have attempted something like this before, she really rocked it.

And only one wing fell off once – right at closing so no one got hit by an errant chicken wing. It was fixed the next morning, and the rest of the chicken’s limbs were reinforced.

Did you notice the clouds? Yeah, I didn’t think so – they’re just…eh. But the chicken wins the show. I call her Sir Clucksalot, and loved her so much that I had her hung above my desk. The view from my chair:

Another one of our newer employees (a former teen summer intern for us) Shelby made a scavenger hunt focused on finding small versions of the various characters. Normally it’s parents who have to help their kids on the scavenger hunt – this time around it was more likely the parents who would need the kids to show them what they were looking for. Heh. For the prize, I made a special bookmark featuring our dragon mascot drawn all Minecraft-like:

The whole time that I worked on him I kept singing to myself Libraries for nuthin’ and your books for freeI want my, I want my, I want my li-brar-y.

Feel free to curse my name for getting that stuck in your head. Or, if you don’t know the Dire Straits song, then do not look it up and be grateful to avoid an insidious earworm.

Besides the opening of our library’s Minecraft server, the other big event of the month was a Minecraft In Real Life event that was a collaboration between our Children’s and Young Adult Librarians. It was pretty awesome on many levels.

Dustan took some bottle poppers that I donated (after realizing that my kitty would never forgive me if we popped them inside our new home) and he wrapped them with a Minecraft TNT paper so that they looked like this:

I loved these so much! I think that the empty bottles were kept as souvenirs by everyone.

They were used for the finale of the event where Dustan dressed up as a Minecraft skeleton and the kids chased him outside, surrounded him, and set off their poppers. And yes, he told the kids afterwards that he knew that the skeleton would have burst into flames by going outside into the sun, but there was no way we were gonna set off poppers inside the library.

That about covers it for September! But before I end this post, I thought there were a few things you might enjoy knowing and/or using. The top photo on this post I created using these cubees and this font (which I made more true-to-the-original by using Photoshop). Please feel free to click on that image for a higher-res version that you can use for your own programming. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this!


My Bertoia Totoro

A few months back I stumbled upon this Apartment Therapy post where the writer had covered a Bertoia chair with stuffed pandas. Apparently it was an April Fool’s joke, but to me? It. Was. BRILLIANT!

I found a decent-priced knockoff of the diamond-shaped version, like this:And then I had the difficult job of finding a not-too-expensive stuffed animal that would make both Bruce and I happy. Relatively quickly, I found our perfect critter: Totoro! And if you haven’t seen My Neighbor Totoro, you really should – it’s gorgeously animated, and is a very sweet story. But at one point, the little girl named Mei falls asleep on Totoro’s belly. I’m like “if I can’t snuggle up to a giant Totoro, then dozens of smaller Totoros will have to do.” Obviously.

My mom had given me a set of specialty needles years ago, and I had never used them, but I got them out and chose to use the smaller curved mattress needle for this project. The only other thing I needed was some dark grey embroidery thread. Oh yes! And the Totoros! I had to order them from two different ebay sellers – both used the same picture/description, but one shop sent slightly smaller versions, which I wasn’t bothered by since everything went together really well and added a wee bit of variety.Yes – the Totoros look a little alarmed at their fate: getting their cute ‘tocks sewn down. It was sort of a game of Where’s the Needle Going to Come Out? which I generally lost. But the many random finger stabs were worth it since the process went very fast.

I went ahead and arranged the stuffed Totoros before I started sewing. Their cute little tails made the perfect “anchors” by pulling them through the wires. I only had time to get the peripheral stuffed animals sewn down on the first evening, but the chair looked complete, and so it was easy to let this project slide a few days while I did other projects.

I wrapped it up this morning, and am beyond thrilled with the results. The chair is super-comfy, and the best part? When you get up from the chair it’s like the Totoros have seen things…terrible things that cannot be unseen. It amuses me to no end.

Okay, enough of my yammering – I know y’all want to see the finished product.

Ta-Da!!!!!! Wookit deir widdle tocks! SQUEEEEE!!!!!


And what the chair looks like when you’re standing above it:Like a nest of cuddles.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this project, and I’ll happily answer. It really was easy, and the results so incredibly satisfying.