(Happy Fun What’s Happenin’ Time)

With Summer Reading Program just around the corner, I’ve been extra-busy prepping for the Kids’ as well as Adult programming.  The thought of doing a full-out post is just an overwhelming thing, so I decided to make this a sneak peek of what all that’s happening at the library.

Two of these pictures are for May’s decor at the Children’s Library.  One features the first step in a (hopefully awesome) window display for the Kids’ SRP.  You can hover your mouse over the images to get a little more information.

Sorry so short – but that may be the norm for the next month or so!

I Say Thee Tea!

Back when Bruce and I decided that we really needed a nightlight in our hallway we had fun looking for the right one.  Our initial choice – a Thor nightlight (it’s like he’s using his power over lightning to light our way at night!) – was perfect…until it broke less than a month after purchase.  The portion of the nightlight that’s a partial figure of Thor is heavy and was “secured” to the nightlight’s main body by a cheap plastic prong (the prong broke: surprise, surprise).  We attempted a repair, but to no avail.  So we were left with a one-pronged somewhat abstract quasi-sculpture of Thor.  I tried to find Thor a new place in our home and disliked most of the results – except for one.  I snapped off the prong’s second half, propped it up among a few of my vintage tea bag holders, and secured it with Museum Putty. Thor looks right at home in a corner of our kitchen:

On a somewhat random ranty note: both Bruce and I are torqued at the cartoon series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s a pretty well done series, but they call Thor “The Prince of Thunder.”  Um…no.  He’s “The God of Thunder” thankyouverymuch.  I can’t believe that Marvel bowed to the pearl-clutchers out there (assuming that’s what happened).  UGH.

Next Time:  That’s the ticket!

Time After Nerdy Time

One of the very first things that Bruce moved in to our apartment was the comic book shelves that his grandfather had custom made for him back when Bruce was young.  I had the crazy idea that they’d fit under our narrow breakfast counter that we don’t use – and they did!  We were both very impressed at how good they looked.  And then came the issue of what should go on top of them since we didn’t want clutter, and there was little room between the top of the shelves and the bottom of the counter.  I think that we came up with the same idea at the same time: my DC/Marvel Funko Pop! collection.  And lo and behold they were perfect.

It was after all this was set up looking pretty much like it was meant to be, that Bruce shared with me a picture of the same shelves from back in the day (1975) with his collection of Slurpee cups.  When I met Bruce his shelves were covered with a random assortment of items.  So it seemed like the shelves had, in an odd way, come full-circle.  They’re one of my favorite things in our apartment especially since it’s where Bruce and my collections converge.

Next Time:  A thunderous cuppa.

Marvelously Groovy

I purchased this Evil Dead II poster when I was beginning to furnish my new apartment. Yes, I enjoy that movie very much, but the main reason that I bought the poster was because of the TV show Spaced.  The character of Tim has one in the apartment that he and Daisy share (and in the DVD commentary Simon Pegg said that his much bigger poster was a gift from Edgar Wright).  Therefore, I really had to have a poster similar to that especially since the colors went with my decor:

I couldn’t avoid reflections in the glass – so it looks a little muddled because the poster is opposite of the Comic Book Wall of Awesomeness.™

But wait!  This isn’t just a boring post about my Evil Dead II poster.  This is a boring post about my poster and what’s on top of it!  Did you notice that there are some things on top of the frame?  That’s my collection of Marvel Squinkies!  I didn’t even know they existed until I was wandering my nearest comic book shop and a beam of light hit the packaging and heavenly voices sang.  And naturally I had to buy them since I’m slightly obsessed with cute stylized pop culture figurines (Funko Pop! MUST come out with a Breaking Bad set!!! And Phineas and Ferb!!!  And Gravity Falls!!! Ahem. I think my point is made).  I bought them without thought and when I got home I realized how tough they’d be to display and not feel cluttered, and not be a temptation for Hafukiti.  I don’t even know how I came up with putting them on top of the frame, but I absolutely love it.

Next Time:  The mega-upsized version of this post!  Kinda.

Kermie the Hutt

I had to move Kermit and Leia from their normal spot on our bookcase since they’re in a dark corner and almost impossible to photograph.  So just imagine them next to a stack of books:

This duo came about because Leia was much larger than I had expected (me having no sense of scale and ordering her off the web): I had hoped to kind of recreate the Army of Darkness poster with Leia clinging to Bruce Campbell’s leg.  Not so much.  So when I was trying to figure out a spot for her on the bookcase I realized that I had a large Kermit the Frog bank that could sort of substitute for Jabba the Hutt.  And the little chain on Leia can be held by Kermie which is what ties them together (literally). It’s not to scale, but it makes me smile whenever it catches my eye – and that’s what counts!

Next Time:  When The Marvel Universe meets The Evil Dead Universe.